The Network „Child Support Worldwide” (CSW Network) is committed to promoting information and exchange among stakeholders in cross-border maintenance recovery. It was created 2013 as a result of the EU funded project “Recovery of maintenance in the EU and worldwide”. At that time, the European Maintenance Regulation had only been in force for two years and only a few countries were parties to the 2007 Hague Maintenance Convention. In the meantime, more than 40 states have ratified the Convention. Many good practices have been developed and facilitate maintenance enforcement.

However, the clash of different legal systems inevitably leads to application difficulties that can only be overcome through close exchange among the different agents. Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that many cross-border maintenance obligations have to be settled outside international legal instruments. This is why it is important to promote the ratification of the Hague instruments but also the information about existing possibilities of action outside of this framework. Another important point is the central and increasing role of public institutions in helping to combat child poverty. The assertion of their claims is a central concern of the CSW Network.

This website, which is still under construction, is meant to serve the network as a platform for exchange/reference point as well as to provide those who are in any way involved in the international recovery of child maintenance with helpful information. This is a “joint project” that could only come into being and grow through global solidarity as well as the worldwide and tireless commitment of experts from all professional sectors; we hope that it will go on exactly that way and are looking forward to your input and contributions!

The Newsletter "Child Support Worldwide" informs you regularly about news in the field of international maintenance recovery and the network.

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