INTERNATIONAL NETWORK "Child Support Worldwide"

“Child Support Worldwide" is a global expert network in the field of international recovery of child maintenance which aims at optimizing the implementation of the international legal instruments through a regular exchange of experience and knowledge. It is the goal of the experts and their cross-border cooperation to contribute to an effective and worldwide realization of the right of every child to maintenance, adequate for the child's physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development (Art. 27 of the 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child).

German Institute for Youth Human Services and Family Law (DIJuF)

“For over 100 years the Institute is helping children to enforce their claims to maintenance abroad. We are expecting some progress in this area with the relatively new legal framework.“

University of Aberdeen
School of Law

Prof. Paul Beaumont

Paul Beaumont

“I really enjoyed spending 4 years of my life negotiating the Hague Maintenance Convention and then another year or so negotiating the EU Maintenance Regulation.“

Hague Conference
on Private
International Law

Maja Groff
Philippe Lortie

Portraitbild Maja GroffPortraitbild Philippe Lortie

“On 23 November 2007, the day the Hague Convention on the International Recovery of Child Support was adopted, the world grew smaller for parents living abroad who do not pay their child support.” William Duncan, former Deputy Secretary General, HccH

“By borrowing from the best national child support systems around the globe, it is hoped that the new binding international framework for the cross-border recovery of child support will invite legal and administrative reforms in States whose systems are in need of improvement and modernisation.” Philippe Lortie, First Secretary, HccH

“The new binding international framework for the cross-border recovery of child support will benefit millions of children around the world and will relieve governments from social welfare assistance payments, as children’s primary financial needs will from now on be covered by parents paying child support owed to their children – this is clearly a win-win situation for children, many parents and governments.” Maja Groff, Legal Officer, HccH

The International Network of Child Support Scholars (INCSS)

Dr. Kay Cook
Prof. Daniel Meyer
Assoc. Prof, Christine Skinner

Portrait Kay Cook     Portrait Daniel Meyer      Portrait Christine Skinner

“With experienced researchers located across 13 countries, the INCSS represents the latest and best analyses of child support policy internationally. We welcome new members from both representative countries and beyond to deepen our understanding of how to best achieve successful child support policy configurations."

Dr. Kay Cook, Co-director, INCSS

National Child Support
Enforcement Association (NCSEA)

Christopher Beresford
Hannah Roots

Portrait Chris Bresford Portrait Hannah Roots